Numbering & Regions

The Numbering & Regions tab displays detailed numbering and region annotations for the different numbering schemes and region definitions implemented within abYsis. See the About / Definitions page for details.

The Numbering Scheme dropdown allows different numbering schemes to be selected: Chothia, Kabat or Chothia+/Martin. In addition, all numberings schemes may be shown simultabeously.

The main display

The main display shows the numbered section of the protein sequence. Un-numbered residues (including those outside the variable region) are not shown.

The first line of the table shows the amino acids of the query sequence using 1-letter code.

The second line (and subsequent two lines if you are displaying all numbering schemes) shows the residues numbers using a specified numbering scheme. This choice of numbering scheme is changed using the Numbering Scheme dropdown as described above.

If you click on a residue number, the Distribution panel will be updated. (See below.)

The following lines show the regions according to different regions definitions. Frameworks are show in green and CDRs are shown in red.

The Distribution panel

The distribution panel, to the right of the main display, gives an overview of residue distributions at this position in the sequence.

A bar chart of the residue distribution for the selected residue is displayed. The residue present in the sequence of interest is highlighted with a downwards arrow at the top of the bar. Below is an associated table containing the residue counts in non-identical sequences and the relative frequencies. You may also download a version of the graph and a CSV file of the data.

Click the residue numbers in the main table to change the distribution that is displayed in the graph.