A fully integrated antibody discovery system


Integrated Antibody Sequence and Structure

Management, Analysis and Prediction

Key Features

  • Antibody Sequence Management
    Pipeline reads data files in standard formats such as EMBL, PDB and FASTA
  • 3D structure integration
    Intelligent processing of 3D data from Protein Data Bank
  • Automated Antibody Numbering
    Standardised numbering of antibody sequences based on Kabat and other popular methods
  • Relational Database Storage
    PostgreSQL database storage of all imported data for flexible analysis
  • Canonical Class Annotation
    Prediction of canonical class based on published methods
  • Humanness assessment
    Estimate humanness of sequences under investigation
  • Unusual residue identification
    Identification of unusual residues
  • Humanization
    A heatmap view of unusual residues to help you humanize your sequence
  • DNA/protein Alignment
    Link DNA sequence to protein sequence with gene modeling tools
  • Germline View
    Investigate the genomic underpinnings of your sequence
  • User Input
    Use our flexible sequence input tools to calculate all main features on the fly